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Apple Online Store now offers next-day delivery on all iPhone X models across United States

It’s been over a month since the iPhone X went on sale. However, this is the first time that the company has promised to immediatly fulfil all the orders received through its online store. For all the iPhone X models, the company promises a one-day delivery across the united states. That means, if you are still waiting for your iPhone X, you can order it from Apple’s official website now and you will get the delivery at your doorstep tomorrow.

Apple has been seeing huge supply issues for its iPhone X models ever since it was launched on 3rd November. However, the company has finally addressed the supply issue and the customers can now go and buy this smartphone. For the customers interested in buying Airpods, the news is still not a positive one, as the Airpods have been sold out for the year and will only be shipping early next year if you are planning to buy them. Also, another report we covered earlier states that Apple might be planning to launch an improved version of Airpods in the second quarter of next year.

If you are planning to walk into a store to pick your iPhone X, make sure to check the availibility already at your nearest store. Though most of the stores have iPhone X available to be picked up immeidately, there are a few stores still waiting for their stocks. Third Party carriers and retailers have also started to provide immediate availibility of almost all the iPhone X models.

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